Black Reclaim Rubber 

Synthetic rubber is any type of artificial elastomer, invariably a polymer. An elastomer is a material with the mechanical (or material) property that it can undergo much more elastic deformation under stress than most materials and still return to its previous size without permanent deformation. Synthetic rubber serves as a substitute for natural rubber in many cases, especially when improved material properties are required.

It is available in Lumps Form & is very fine in appearance and refined in nature. Packing is in 50 Kgs. Net Wt. Bag. Its applications are in all kinds of Grey, Blue, Green Coloured Rubber Materials with requirement of medium to high RHC content in Reclaims ( 65-70% ).

Our White Reclaim Rubbers make an excellent blend with Natural Rubber.It reduces viscosity, helps to achieve shorter milling time, lowers power consumption and accelerates dispersion of ingredients during compounding, thus providing better quality control.

Even if you are not using Reclaimed Rubber it may be worthwhile to examine the process and find out that Reclaimed Rubbers can substitute some of the polymers being used, because it makes substantial savings in production cost.

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