Brown Factice 

Brown Factice widely used in rubber industries for moulding, extrusion, calendaring, lining etc.Brown factice is an excellent processing aid to improve dispersion. This brown color factice can improve dispersion significantly. In addition, brown factice is suitable for various rubber materials. Brown factice is similar to golden factice. The difference is that brown factice is dark brown color. Brown factice is best for dark color applications.

  • • Improve processing and mixing time
  • • Increase speed of extrusion and reduce die swell
  • • Reduce calender grain and prevent shrinkage
  • • Improve mold flow and mold release
  • • Improve oil and solvent resistance, and prevent blooming
  • • Flexibility to cure a rubber compound
  • • Improve aging properties
  • • Decrease tackiness and heat in processing
  • • Smooth surface and good appearance
  • • Reduce cost per volume

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