Calcium Oxide 

We offer Rubber Chemicals under the brandname TDCURE CALCOL.

TDCURE CALCOL neutralizes the harmful effects of moisture and improves the following properties :
1. Insulation Properties.
2. Surface Finish
3. Mechanical and Abrasion Properties
4. Bonding

Raw materials which are used in plastics and rubber processing sometimes found to have moisture in them. At the same time some polymers are found also to be hygroscopic.

While processing this moisture plays a crucial role in determining the physical properties of the product. A part of the moisture evaporates during processing and a part of it remains entrapped in the polymer matrix. This entrapped moisture tries to come out in the form of vapour during vulcanization causing defects like Blisters, Pin Holes, Air Bubbles etc. These defects make the product porous and at the same it reduces its mechanical properties. Rough and uneven surface may occur due to these defects.

TDCURE CALCOL is an effective desiccant which prevents vapour formation by reacting with the entrapped moisture. Calcol forms salt with moisture which does not get destabilized at the processing temperature.

TDCURE CALCOL should be added at the final stage of compounding (prior to the addition of accelerators and curing agent). Mixing should be allowed to continue for some time for proper dispersion of TDCURE CALCOL.

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