Insoluable Sulphur 

Products of Oriental Carbon and Chemicals Limited
Regular Insoluble Sulfur
DIAMOND SULF oil treated grades are insoluble in elastomers; they are completely non-blooming and are ideal vulcanizing agent for unsaturated elastomers. They are particularly suitable for use in compounds where sulfur loading levels are required above the sulfur solubility rating of particular elastomers.

  • DS - OT - 10
  • DS - OT - 20
  • DS - OT - 33

High Stable Insoluble Sulfur

Insoluble Sulfur possessing higher level of thermal stability provides optimum resistance to reversion to the soluble form of sulfur even at elevated temperatures. Such a product would facilitate enhanced bloom protection. High stable DIAMOND SULF ensures more consistent vulcanizing properties and allows storage at relatively higher ambient temperature.

  • DS - OT - 10 (HS)
  • DS - OT - 20 (HS)
  • DS - OT - 33 (HS)

Special Grade Insoluble Sulfur

  • DS 90 is uncoated Insoluble Sulfur grade, which is available to specific requirements of users.
  • DS OT 25 AS is an oil coated Insoluble Sulfur grade having specific blend of precipitated silica of compatible fineness. The resultant product has good thermal stability and exhibits better dispersibility. Presence of precipitated silica improves flow characteristics of insoluble sulfur as it inhibits caking effect of oil and also helps in bonding of rubber compound to coated steel cord used for radial tyre and belting.
  • DS OT 20(HD) is a special grade of DIAMOND SULF exhibiting higher levels of dispersion. during the mixing process this grade disperses more easily leading to reduction in incorporation time under identical conditions. This grade contains requisite quantity of suitable polymeric binder which facilitates better dispersion resulting in homogeneous vulcanization and physical properties.

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